1 to 1 Connection  Marketing and Confidence Coaching 

If you're a dedicated ACTION TAKER, this is how you're going to unblock your self-limiting beliefs and get fast, impactful results... with CUSTOMISED COACHING and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT for YOUR personal brand.



Custom coaching and mentoring means your Marketing Strategy and Action Plan are done for you so you can hit the ground running!

You can then choose if you continue with one-to-one coaching with Melissa and/or mentoring for your Marketing Assistant to really get results.

Our online programs the CONTENT CREATOR CLUB and ROCKSTAR PERSONAL BRANDING ACADEMY are  exceptional, (and you get full access to these while you are being privately coached).

BUT as you already know, it takes a lot of dedication and time to do all the work by yourself. Whereas working one-on-one with Melissa as your coach allows you to fast track becoming your best version of a rockstar in your industry.

This work does come with a warning though!...

To have any kind of impact, this really is a personal journey. You can't half-arse it! The kind of growth you will experience will positively impact every area of your life when you embrace it, so you need to be ready for that transformation and all the success and growth that comes with it.

If you're on this page, I already know you're a legitimate ACTION TAKER...

And you know it too! You run a good business and know that to get where you want to be, you need to utilise an experienced coach, because:

  • My guess is that you are really frustrated. You know you're the best kept secret in your industry and you're tired of seeing lesser qualified competitors getting the greater market share
  • You don't want to 'die wondering'... you have big dreams and it's time to act because you know you're missing opportunities through a lack of brand awareness. Not enough people know about how good you are, or how to work with you.
  • You know what you should be doing with marketing and personal branding... and you're ready to work on your self-limiting beliefs to push through those barriers and get to the other side... 
  • You most likely have a team to support you but you know they need specialist marketing training and you don't have those skills... or the time to show them!
  • You have probably also been burned before with big promises from 'marketing experts', so you want to make sure you're going to get really looked after this time and reach the goals that you've set...
Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

It's time to just do this.

Yes, you have reservations about 'putting yourself out there', but authentic personal branding is actually about connecting to who you are and the impact you can make, and then sharing that passion.

And even though the fear of being judged, or feeling vulnerable to have so many eyes on you is real, you know that realistically there isn't anything to fear except not doing living up to your true potential and sharing your gifts with the world.

And you know that you DON'T want to be in the same place this time next year. You have ambitions for yourself and your company, and you will get there faster by piggy-backing off your own well-respected personal brand that people actually know about! 

An American study by Brand Builders found that:

"82% of consumers agree that companies have a bigger influence on their buying decisions if the executives of those companies have developed personal brands they can trust and follow."


Personal branding extends far beyond just the number of followers a person has or the number of likes, shares, and views their content has. It focuses heavily on a person’s values and whether or not it aligns with the potential customer.

Research shows that if it does, your sales and business opportunities will take off because business is about people buying from people that they LIKE and who they resonate with. If it feels good and they truly believe in what you are saying, they will buy from you personally over a faceless company brand any day.

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

As a Business Owner, a Manager, or a Leader... you can no longer ignore the power of your personal brand to launch the  popularity, trust and likeability of your services, no matter what industry you are in.

You don't think it's a popularity contest?! It is!
People buy from people that they like and trust.
Be your version of a Rockstar for your industry and start living a life of impact, service and change that you have always been destined for."

Melissa J. Scott

Connection & Confidence Coach, and Lover of Life x

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan
Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

"It's important to build a personal brand because it's the only thing you're going to have.

Your reputation online, and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so you've got be a good person. You can't hide anything, and more importantly, you've got be out there at some level.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

Why do you want to be privately coached 1:1 around your personal brand?

Because you want to reach your true potential, and face-to-face coaching is how you do it. You want to:

  • become the trusted advisor in your industry by creating content that people actually give a shit about and connect with, building trust and developing an audience that is loyal.
  • expand your profile and reach, and increase sales/revenue from having a wider reaching public profile.
  • become magnetic and a 'super attractor' - amazing opportunities come to you because your personal brand is instantly recognisable
  • have more trust online, resulting in  more customers and profit
  • become a confident front person for your business/services that people trust, know and like - the key ingredients to any successful personal brand
  • connect to your purpose, your values, and your secret sauce so marketing feels authentic and is magnetic to attracting the right customers
  • fulfil your true life's purpose and gain real happiness and meaning from your business and the people that you are helping

I don't need to keep telling you this, you already know the importance of building an authentic personal brand.

So let me share with you how we work one-to-one so you can decide how you want to develop your personal brand for maximum business growth.


Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan
Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan


People work with us privately in 3 ways... through the KICKSTARTER Social Media and Online Marketing Private Coaching/Seminars, the ACTION HERO Marketing Strategy & Action Plan, and the highly effective TRANSFORMER monthly private coaching

This is what some of our clients say...

Meet Megan Fritsch.

She is a busy woman, after spending many years at the Institute of Sport, she now works in the Private School Education System, she contracts to the Australian Paralympics and Commonwealth Games, and is building her own business, SportConnect.


She came to us for a Marketing Strategy Planning Day because she had a million ideas but needed clarity on how she could take her very unique skillset and turn it into a viable, profitable business that people needed.

In her words:
“It was a very intense day as we had to go through a little bit of soul searching. It really helped me get a good sense of where I want to go with my business. A blueprint, a marketing strategy, my vision. I really nailed who my target audiences are and what my services are going to be.
A big thing for me was being given the confidence that I have got the knowledge, the ability, the expertise and the experience... and Melissa championed that for me.”

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

It never ceases to amaze me how the 'right' people come into our lives at exactly the right time.

I had the most productive strategy session withMelissa J Scott this morning. She showed me how to navigate my way around my website, create and upload blogs and such a wealth of other creative & useful tools. I have learnt more from Melissa about business, over the past two days, than I'd ever imagined.

She is my business role model and has inspired me to raise the bar even higher and now has my mind racing with possibilities for Monkey Mind Coaching. Thank you so much Melissa. Your patience, expertise, attention to detail and generosity are a reflection of your vision and passion.

Clare-Ann Taylor

Founder of Monkey Mind Coaching

"Well, back in Brisbane from an awesome trip of brainstorming and marketing plans made for my three businesses. If you're in business, you MUST have a Marketing Plan to tell people about what you do! Melissa J Scott is one of the best in the business and nothing can be truer than the saying "you get what you pay for".
Anything you do in business, spend the money on quality and get things done properly. Don't be a tight arse and a scrounge, otherwise nothing will change and you sit exactly where you are now.
I can't recommend Melissa's services highly enough through custom website design blended with functionality to marketing planning, brochure design etc. Thanks for the thumping headache over the last two days Mel! It's been a good headache!!! So much info and awesome tools to move forward with!"

Dave Challinor, Business Owner and Financial Trader


Meet Greg Smith.

Greg is the Founder of Admins the Answer and he is definitely a full service client! He has rebranded with us, overhauled all of his marketing assets, worked personally with us on his Marketing Strategy and is a valued ongoing 1 to 1 coaching client.

His growth over this period of time has been so exciting! He always thought he was in the business of Administration for Tradies, but once we really drilled down into what his mission is, his values, his vision and his client's pain points, he realised he is actually  changing and positively impacting his client's lives to the point where he now partners with Beyond Blue to help tradies with mental health issues. Talk about turn your business into a passion and a legacy!

"When you are connected to the real personal issues of your audience, not only does it feel good to help your potential customers to fix a real problem they are facing, it completely changes the way you and your team feel about your business and the clients you are helping daily. They become real people, with families and real issues. And you become a massive part of helping them."

His journey has been so interesting... we made a podcast episode about it! For the full story you can click on the link above. Needless to say I am very proud of the work we have done together on his business, but most of all the true impact it is having with his clients and the trades' industry.


We usually work with clients in 2 hour blocks of time to ensure you get the best possible results, but sometimes a client might only need 1 or 2 sessions and then you're off and running.

Or you might get hit with an out of the ordinary situation and need to take some time out of your business or coaching. Either way, we are flexible and you can be confident you aren't locked into anything you can't put on hold or end. We are super confident of the value we provide and just want to see you get really good results!

Meet Melissa J Scott, your Rockstar Marketing Coach, transformation healer, accountability partner and  champion cheerleader for you!


"Ok, so you probably don't think you need a cheerleader... but it's my experience that it helps a lot when you do this kind of work on yourself.

If you're signing up for marketing coaching with me, it's not just teaching you tips and tricks. We work on your self belief, your subconscious self-sabotages and the blocks that are holding you back. (Which you usually aren't even aware of!) That is when you will have a true transformation around marketing with your personal brand.

People start with me thinking they're going to learn 'how to put theselves out there more' but really, it's about personal growth, learning who you really are, and then having the confidence to market your business from that authentic place. You find your 'why' and your purpose, and you're not afraid to share it.

It's my life's purpose (and privilege) to offer up 25 years+ of business, marketing and personal development expertise, and I succeed when you feel that you have succeeded."

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan


Let's take a sneak peek into what happens at one of our Marketing Strategy Sessions, or in a one-to-one Coaching Session.

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan
Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

I am not your typical marketing and personal development coach.

How am I different?

I blend 25+ years of marketing knowledge with a decade of personal development training, and both are as important as each other. And I have no issues with being personal in my marketing, because it works!


"I've bought into coaching before and it didn't work?"

You and I both! And it sucks! Personally, I've wasted over $100,000 on business and financial coaching because at the time I didn't know that I should be working on myself.It wasn't knowledge or effort holding me back, it was my subconscious blocks sabotaging all my efforts. And until that shifts, nothing really changes. That's why there is a big focus on personal development within my coaching. Because you usually can't have business growth without mindset growth at the same time.

"I've felt in the past that business-type coaches tend to not want to get personal."

That has been my experience too, but if you want what they are teaching to have long lasting effects... you need to! When you work with me, our aim is to get long-lasting results because we work through the marketing and personal development together. Yep, it feels personal and might even be a bit confronting at times, but we uncover what is really holding you back, and we work together to unblock it. - As well as the marketing training for yourself and your support team. It goes hand in hand.

This kind of coaching affects every aspect of your life positively. Professionally, personally, financially, spiritually, and relationships.

Melissa x

Ready to build your brand together?





  • meet for 2 hours over Zoom and personalised training/coaching for the client and their assistant in relevant social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as digital marketing strategies such as their email marketing and video content.
  • access to the recordings
  • set activities and action steps for the client moving forward
  • includes a verbal review of your website, landing pages, call to actions and current marketing activities and note areas for improvement including organic SEO.
  • we can adapt this training to an inhouse presentation or over zoom for a larger group - please get in touch for a quote.
  • PERFECT FOR: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Online Course Creators and Marketing Assistants, Healers and Change-Makers who require a kickstart to getting their marketing socials and online activities cranking.





  • PERSONALISED HALF DAY SESSION 1:1 via zoom for the fact finding mission and deep dive to create the customised Marketing Strategy. 
  • compile a thorough and personalised CUSTOMISED MARKETING STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN, including a social media and content plan.
  • present and coaching around the STRATEGY and ACTION PLAN, in a 2 hour 1:1 zoom meeting 
  • follow up via phone one month later for accountability!
  • access to all documents and templates to hire the perfect Marketing Assistant
  • PERFECT FOR: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, people in Corporate building an online profile, Online Course Creators, Healers and Change-Makers who want a personalised and custom Marketing Strategy and Action Plan done for them, and to provide ongoing education for their Marketing Assistant
  • PLEASE NOTE: this Planning Session naturally leads into our one-to-one coaching if you want to ensure you follow through with all the strategies and actions we create together





  • meet every month over Zoom, for a 2 hour meeting to discuss the strategy and troubleshoot any challenges presented from the Marketing Strategy and Action Plan.
  • ongoing coaching in all marketing tactics such as blogging, vlogging, social media strategy, video and copywriting
  • work directly with the business owner on their mindset - using NLP and kinesiology strategies to assist you to uncover your subconscious blocksin business and financial growth
  • short weekly phone  calls as support if required
  • assist the business owner with the interview process for a Marketing Assistant, including job application templates and interview questions.
  • BONUS - weekly access to the CONTENT CREATOR CLUB (available FREE while you are a private client) PLUS
  • BONUS - monthly access to the ROCKSTAR PERSONAL BRANDING ACADEMY and Facebook Group while you are a private coaching client.
  • Perfect for: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Online Course Creators, Healers and Change-Makers who have just had a personalised and custom Marketing Strategy and Action Plan done for them with Melissa, and want to get to the next level quicker
Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that business owners and managers like yourself ask before jumping into the Marketing Strategy Planning Day, or one to one coaching and training with Melissa.
If we don't cover your question, please feel free to contact us.


Because it means you're seriously thinking about backing yourself, and the potential is unlimited!


But if you've come this far and haven't committed, then it does mean that you are sitting on the fence about something, so why don't we schedule some time to have a friendly chat and see what is going to best suit you.

People call them discovery calls. Honestly, it's just a chat to see if our personalities gel and if it makes sense to work together. If you're okay with that, click the button below!


They say the way you do one thing... is the way you do everything.

So if you're still uncertain, BUT you really want to be the kind of person who actually jumps into things with both feet... then why don't you change your story today.

It all starts with positive action.
One baby step at a time! And backing yourself and working with an experienced coach who actually cares about your outcome is a great start.

Melissa x


Not ready yet but want to stay in touch?!

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