Hi! I'm Melissa.
And I'm not your typical Marketing Coach.

I am a Connection and Confidence Coach. We work with you on your brand, your marketing and your self belief.

Think of me as part Champion for Small and Medium sized Business Owners, part empathetic healer and part motivational Cheerleader for you, your company and your personal brand!

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

I've been in the marketing and branding business for 25+ years, and I have lived through a lot of social change and learned to roll with each wave!

Long before there was an 'online' anything! I remember the bad old days when the business with the biggest advertising budget won the work. A decent sized Yellow Pages ad cost $20,000 plus, radio advertising was a big deal and even a one colour flyer cost a bomb!

Small businesses had a tiny voice in the market place, and the best method of cheap marketing was cold calling by phone or dropping into the workplace unannounced, making friends with the receptionist and hoping she'd take pity on you and let you meet up with the person you were after. (Believe me, I've done it all, and it wasn't fun.)

When I started as a graphic designer in the mid 1990's, computers were just revolutionising the industry. The internet was a mystery, we stored data on floppy discs and the old guard of graphic designers had to decide whether they'd upgrade their skills or slowly become obsolete.

When I look back, I am so grateful that one of my superpowers is my intuition and that I have always  stayed ahead of the curve. It has served me well for the past 2 decades!

Over the past 25 years in my business, I have morphed from a stary-eyed Graphic Designer, into a Website Designer/Developer, to Social Media Manager, to Blogger and Video Producer, to Speaker, Webinar Presenter, to Marketing Coach, Online Course Creator, Podcaster and avid Content Creator.

Right now I'm half way through writing a book about creating the life you desire through self-belief, building your confidence, running your dream business that works for you, and learning how to work on your personal development so it all feels possible.... So let's add Author and 'AI Expert' into the list above too!

I have an insatiable interest in human behaviour and have worked for over 20 years on my own personal development, and more recently become qualified in different healing modalities. I share these skills with my clients in-conjunction with their marketing coaching, mainly because I recognise so many people are holding themselves back. Not because of a lack of marketing knowledge, but because of a lack of self confidence, poor self awareness and limited self belief.

People think throwing money at a coach will fix their immediate problems... and it might, but only if it is dealing with where the issues originated... and most of the time that is actually in your subconscious! And that's not a place that too many coaches want to go!



1996 - Bachelor of Design (Hons), COFA UNSW
2019 - Practitioner, Australian School of Tantra
2021 - Practitioner, The Spiral - a mixed modality combining NLP, Kinesiology and The Chakras
2022 - Certified Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the Art of Transformational Coaching

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan
Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan
Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

I haven't grown up with social media or 'creating content'. It's new to me too, but as a natural connector, marketer and healer, I understand the power to connect with strangers who become 'friends', and eventually become loyal customers.

I embrace it wholeheartedly, and my wish for you is that you embrace it too, for yourself and your business. Because it can be life-changing, and if I can learn these new skills, you can too.


Melissa J. Scott

Connection & Confidence Coach, and Life-Changing Transformation x

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan


To work with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Course Creators and authentic Change-Makers who have a true desire to make your industry, and your client's lives a much better place, because of your impact.

We do this by working on both your marketing skillsets and your self-belief. When we can help you find your unique voice and you have the confidence to share your story and your service with your audience, the right doors will suddenly open and you will create the impact you have always dreamed of.



To help you create an authentic relationship with yourself, your team and your community, while building your brand, generating more income and freedom, whilst playing a guiding role in this journey with you.


When you embrace this self-work... your personal life, your business, your self awareness, your ability to create meaningful work aligned with your purpose, and your potential to create wealth will never be the same again!


When you work on your self esteem, your self identity and feel super-confident in your own skin... interesting things might happen in your personal life too!

Although most of what I coach is designed to impact your business through your marketing and your personal brand, you might also find that your personal life takes on a whole new (and exciting) path too!

Let me share below a few things I've been up to this past year!

When I was 17, I desperately dreamed of being a rockstar, (and I let that dream go...) but fastforward to 50, and last year I joined a rock covers band and started singing again!

That was a little unexpected, but this kind of personal development work uncovers who we truly are before we allowed 'adult life' to take over and quieten our passion. So maybe my singing goals are a little smaller now than world domination, but I am absolutely loving it! We are called Evolution Rock, you should check us out sometime!


I decided to start training for a body sculpting competition a couple of years ago, and when I was 51, I entered my first ICN Body Building Comp, Bikini Division!

This is probably the most challenging and rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. I had to transform my body, wrestle with my self belief daily, I trained remotely (amidst Covid lockdowns, lung infections and even a broken wrist!) with a trainer I'd never met who lives in South Australia, and it required so much discipline and courage to get up on that stage in my tiny bikini... but I did it! And I really met myself in the process. And I loved every moment of it.

I travelled to Broken Hill and camped by myself at the Mundi Mundi Bash!
(An Aussie music festival for all ages.)

Now I know a lot of people camp by themselves, but this was super-challenging for me. I'd ever only camped with my late husband and we did a lot of these trips together. So for me to prepare for it, drive there and go it alone for the 8 or so days I was away was a big challenge for me, and again, I really met myself along the way. (All while I was in deep training and shredding for my body sculpting comp! - I was only 7 weeks out from competition day in this photo!)

What inspired all of this growth and desire to help business owners with their personal brand?

As with everything, there is always an inspiration behind the movement, and all of this started many years ago with one salesman (with a strong personality), and a camper trailer company!

Okay, so the salesman was my husband, (which is how I know so much about the story!), and he had been head-hunted across to a camper trailer company that was trying to cement it's position in the market, and were piggy-backing off his strong personal brand to build them credibility.

This was over 12 years ago, before every-day sales people having their own 'personal brand' was even a thing! Steve was just a typical, knock-about bloke but with tonnes of charisma and charm, and because of this his former employer got him to appear in various industry dvd productions with well-known industry icons, and his popularity exploded off the back of theirs.

We began dabbling with his popularity on Facebook, (there was no Instagram then!) and we noticed that whenever we started telling stories about what we did during our family camping holidays with our blended family, the popularity of the posts would spike and he'd even make sales from it!

We also started doing caravan and camping shows together, and I would help out with sales on weekends. And I would use these family stories to help me take out the leader board for sales most weekends! And this was when I realised the power of story telling and building personal connection. Up until then, marketing was all about big brands.

But once social media became more popular, it changed everything. The men loved Steve because he felt like their mate, and their wives loved him and I, because they saw themselves in us as a married couple. And it made marketing sooooo much easier than just trying to sell the features of a camper trailer. We were selling a dream lifestyle.

When Steve started with this camper trailer company, they had one showroom in Brisbane and one opening in Sydney that he would oversee. Within a few years of Steve working there, their brand exploded as their reputation improved, helped along by Steve's reputation, and he was easily their highest performing salesman. They now have showrooms all over the country, and at one stage won the exclusive contract to be stockists in BCF, and the last time I checked, they were rolling out 27,000 units a year

I learned so much about personal branding during this period:

  • That a bigger company brand can piggyback off a personal brand to win loyalty and reputation.
  • Normal people can become rockstars of their industry, and the more authentic they are the better!
  • Even though a lot of their videos were slick, in this day and age you can have just as much success with DIY video.
  • People want to connect with and like the person they are doing business with, and brand loyalty can easily sell high ticket items. Steve was selling $5K campers and $100K caravans!
  • That your loyal customers will love you forever if you treat them right. MDC even has it's own members group, facilitated by customers. They meet regularly and camp together at major events, helping to spread the word about the product.
  • When Steve passed away suddenly in 2017, people genuinely mourned him all over the country (and even internationally). His fans felt like friends and they felt his passing like he was a lost mate. 

And this is what has inspired me to help other Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Reps and Change Makers in being able to share your stories... and to be your very best self and create real impact in your industry.

We were going on instinct when we built Steve's brand, and it worked because he had the self-belief, authenticity and charisma to do it organically. (And it certainly worked for him having a designer and marketer in his back pocket!) 

The owner of the company didn't even believe in branding until we worked together and after a couple of years he could no longer deny the impact.

For many years I worked exclusively on the MDC brand and helped build it into the mult-national company it is today. It's one of the proudest things I've done in my career. To be that personally involved with their brand in front of the camera doing their sales and making promotional videos; but also behind the scenes helping with their social media, team sales/branding training, researching for their shared radio segment, building their website and doing all of their ads and brochures, and conceptualising some of their best marketing and promotional trips seen in the industry, to help them build their incredible community.  

So if Steve and I could do this for his personal brand in a time where there were far less online opportunities, then imagine how much easier it can be now for anybody who is willing to be natural, big in your thinking and self-assured to be yourself. And if you are worried about the self-confidence, don't be... because it's my passion to work with my clients on that, and get amazing, life-changing results.

Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan

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Melissa J Scott, Content Creator, Rockstar Content Creator, Marketing Coach, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan